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Celestial bodies of the moon Ansiosa – who live far above the clouds, far from all human needs,

who play with the stars and count the moon among their friends,

these wonderful beings watch over the feelings of earthly humans, although they themselves feel neither hatred nor love, and desires and dreams are also completely unknown to them.

I want to tell you a story about one of these celestial bodies, called Elena.

She was supposed to keep careful watch over the Book of Human Desires, so that it should never be lost.

But one day when the moon and its celestial friends were having a celebration, the Book of Desire fell down to Earth.

and so the story begins.

Elena’s Book of Desire is ripped apart on its wild stormy fall down to the Earth

She and a flock of celestial bodies set off to collect and return the book, which has been torn into individual pages.

The journey leads them to Paris, the city of love, free spirits, artists and flamboyant personalities.

They mingle with the people, sometimes as golden statues, sometimes as artists.

But once on the Earth, they themselves become the object of human desires and, lo and behold, the feelings are mutual: they are suddenly filled with unfamiliar, all encompassing feelings of desire.

Elena is young and therefore very open to the feelings of human dreams and fantasies.

But the more she herself is filled with desire, the more Elena changes into a human being  

 and she gradually loses her celestial powers.

and this is how it is meant to be.

Her lunar companions also have difficulty resisting the desires. Their celestial powers diminish with each desire experienced,

They have to find the book and all the pages still missing, which also include a description of the greatest desire of all, the LOVE of two humans.

finally the celestial band finds the missing pages and the book. A travelling circus artist had taken them.

They join the colourful circus folk as The Angels and bewitch the other artists with their heavenly fiery feats, so that they can search in peace. Here, in this place, Elena’s desire for love is awakened.

And once again some of her celestial power leaves her.

Text: Time is getting short.

  Elena’s celestial powers are almost entirely used up.

Her friends try to catch celestial energy with their magic cubes, and to relight her starlight with the dancing flame, so as not to lose Elena as a light body and be forced to leave her behind on the Earth as a human child.

then one of the celestial bodies brings the last page of desire, and gives it to Elena.

She reads.-.

If love does not awake me and kiss me so dearly, then no matter where I am, let me go, back to my own kind.

The Book of Desires is whole again and the celestial bodies have fulfilled their mission.

But Elena the celestial being will stay with her true love on Earth.

Desires can be fulfilled

Every dream can come true, one just has to believe in it passionately.



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