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The deep blue – Endless, timeless, fathomless water.

Mysterious and foreboding yet concealing a myriad of treasures and tales untold.

Water creatures, bizarre and beautiful, hidden undiscovered in the depths.

They all have their stories yet one outshines the rest.

DANA, The Queen of all Pearls – A true unadulterated beauty - The symbol of noble purity yet also an object of endless desires.

Floating serenely in the water, not a care in the world, but it hasn’t always been this way.


In the boundless expanses of the mighty oceans, shrouded in legend, Aquaria rules.  The goddess of the deep blue sea.

At this time every year Aquaria gathers her subjects in the Coral Palace for a rousing feast to celebrate this very special occasion… 

The four elements – Water, Air, Fire, Earth shall measure their exceptional powers in a noble contest and offer their greatest virtues as gifts in praise of the oceanic goddess.

Embracing these virtues, AQUARIA shall create a magnificent symbol to illuminate the beauty and majesty of her under water realm.

It is to be a pearl,

As pure as water,  - Rippling

As light as wind, - Whispering

As fiery as flame  - Flickering

And as eternal as earth


Water, Air, Fire, Earth – Rise – Let the contest of the elements commence.


In her under water palace, Aquaria summons Viktor, the greatest pearl-maker in all her watery Kingdom. With these four gifts he must create the perfect pearl, Dana herself…

In the boiling depths of his fiery forge, Vicktor and his disciples set to the creation of this pearl of purity and perfection. It was to be his greatest masterpiece.



The saga of Dana, the most beautiful and noble of all pearls, spreads like wildfire from ship to ship throughout the fleet. Captains and sailors alike lust after her beauty for finding this noble treasure would not only promise immeasurable wealth but also unlimited power.

And so it was only a question of time before the first seafarers discovered the secret hiding place of Dana, down beyond the scaleric depths of the coral bay..


Incensed by this brazen robbery, Aquaria rises up from her underwater volcano, erupting into the air accompanied by blazing, all-consuming flames. At her command the four elements gather all the creatures of the ocean together to form a mighty army. United they attack the pirate intruders to free their beloved pearl Dana.

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